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5TH JULY 2019

The Council has published ‘Proposed Main Modifications’ to the ‘Local Plan Strategy and Sites 2016-2032 (Proposed Submission Version) February 2018’ for consultation between Friday 5 July 2019 and Monday 19 August 2019 (5pm deadline).  Further details including all of the consultation material are available at .

 The Council submitted the ‘Hart District Local Plan Strategy and Sites 2016-2032 Proposed Submission Version, February 2018’ for examination in June 2018. The Local Plan Inspector (Mr Jonathan Manning) held hearings during November and December 2018.  He wrote to the Council in February 2019 with his initial findings and recommendations, which the Council agreed to on 14 March 2019 - see Cabinet papers at  Subsequently the Inspector has agreed a full schedule of changes known as “Proposed Main Modifications” that need to be made for the Plan to be ‘sound’. 

It is these Proposed Main Modifications to the Local Plan Strategy and Sites which are now being consulted upon, along with two other documents that accompany them: a Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum, July 2019 and a letter from the Council’s consultants AECOM dated 25 April 2019 regarding Habitat Regulations Assessment It is only these three documents which are being consulted upon.  General comments about the content of the Local Plan not related to a Proposed Main Modification will not be accepted.  All duly made comments (representations) will be sent to the Inspector for his consideration in the preparation of his final report on the examination of the Plan, expected in the Autumn 2019. 

Responses must be sent by email to or to: Planning Policy Team, Hart District Council, Civic Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet, GU51 4AE.  Response forms are available at .  Please make clear which document or Proposed Main Modification you are commenting on.

The Council has also published a list of Proposed Minor Modifications for information only. These are available with the consultation documents but are not part of this consultation.