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War Memorial

The Remembrance Service at the Memorial was successful, gifted with a perfect weather window, and 38 plus two police in attendance.

In the August edition of the Whitewater Benefice Magazine, the Parish Council asked for views on a proposal to relocate the Bus Shelter War Memorial. There have been no responses in favour.
The Parish Council received a number of strongly expressed arguments against, on personal, emotional and historical grounds, describing the importance of the context and connection of the Memorial’s location.
It is apparent on a practical level, that finding a suitable alternative location would be difficult. The Parish Council has a role in protecting and conserving the heritage assets of the Parish.
The decision has been taken that the Bus Shelter War Memorial will remain in situ.
The Act of Remembrance this centenary year will be held at the Memorial at 12.15pm on Sunday 11th November.

Mattingley Parish Council War Memorial
Mattingley Parish Council War Memorial